Historic Maps

Until the Tithe Map of 1839/40 there was no complete map of the parish of Loddon. 

But there are 3 earlier estate maps located at the Norfolk Record Office which you can look at by clicking on the links below.

Miss Seaman's Estate 1755                  Seaman Holmes Estate 1810    NRS 4126

 Stephen Gardiner Loddon Hall 1758  MC 2284/6/1

We have acquired copies of all sorts of later maps over the years, including Ordnance Survey (OS) maps of Loddon and the surrounding parishes, tithe maps,  estate maps from the NRO, copies of plans from farm and estate sale catalogues, these all serve to provide information when researching land use and buildings in the area. In time we hope to make more of them available online.

Tithe Maps

Produced as part of the Tithe commutation procedures, where tithes in kind (corn, and other produce of the land) was commuted to a monetary charge. Each Parish at the expense of the holders of great and small tithes was required to produce a map of the parish to enable the value of crops to be ascertained. These maps varied in quality, but were in most cases the first complete survey of a parish and so give information on Land ownership and usage.

The Maps for Loddon and the surrounding parishes have been Georeferenced for us by Peter Webster, and can be viewed by following this link

Some small sections of the Loddon Tithe map have been annotated with the names of owners and ocupiers, follow the links to see them:

Old Market Place    Bridge Street