Programme for 2023

Meetings are held at:

The Lecture Hall, St John's Methodist Chapel, George Lane, Loddon. NR14 6NB

3rd Wednesday of the month 1.30 pm

Feb 15 2023                         AGM

March 15 2023              Adrian O'Dell                   What the Normans did to Norwich,

April 19                           Rowena Burgess              The Evolution of Education in Norfolk

May 17                             Helen Geake                      Reconstructing the Sutton Hoo Boat

June 21                            Chris Kolonko                  Defending Norfolk 1940-1942:

                                                                                                   'The Home Forces'

July 19                             Rob Knee                            Sir William Paston of Oxnead Hall

August 16                       Jonathan Hooton             Norwich Cathedral Close Walk meet

                                                                                                 at the Cathedral

September 20               Joy Hawkins                      Stones, Bones and Herbs:

                                                                "Treating Everyday Ailments in Medieval England"

October 18                      David Wollweber,           The Halesworth Area Hoards

November 15                  Georgette Vale                 Harriet Martineau

December 20                Mary Fewster                   Christmas Past


Jan 17                                Titch & Maureen           Loddon Pantomimes

Feb 21                                AGM