Loddon wills 1400-1858


There were two courts in Norfolk where a will could be proved :

The Archdeaconry Court - where often the local Vicar or Rector proved the will.

The Consistory Court       - where the Executors had to travel to Norwich.

If the deceased had a simple will with only property in their own parish, the Executors would use the Archdeaconry Court, 

Where the deceased held property in more than one parish then the Consistory Court would be used.

For those with a complicated will, maybe leaving property in several counties, then a trip to London to prove the will at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) would be necessary.

Lists of Loddon Wills held at the Norfolk Record Office may be viewed below:


1600-1699      Those coloured blue on this list have been transcribed or sumarised.


1800- 1857

The wills for Loddon residents have been transcribed and are available as a PDF.

There is a brief introduction and then the the wills are indexed both alphabetically and chronologically so that you may scroll through to read a particular  transcription


Many of the other wills have been transcribed or summarised.  It is hoped to make them available on line in the future.

The PCC wills are held at the National Archive and are available either from the TNA for a fee or online at Ancestry.co.uk